MAX HTR Hair Toxin Removal Shampoo Hair Toxin Removal Shampoo Max HTR Shampoo
A: As powerful of a toxin remover as it is, if the directions are followed properly, you should not experience any damage to your hair or scalp. You will however feel a slight tingling sensation on your scalp and perhaps a little dryness to your hair after using MAX HTR.
A: MAX HTR is a permanent hair detoxification solution, it does not in any way coat the hair and seal in toxins temporarily.
A: While it may look impermeable, the hair strand is penetrable. However, to get deep into the hair strand, you need a solution that is powerful, safe and effective. MAX HTR is all of these.
A: What happens with most hair cleansing formulas is that the strength of the active ingredients get lost via dilution with the inactive ingredients that are need to make the final product. Through a proprietary technique, we have been able to boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients to 86% of its original strength.
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Max HTR Shampoo
4 oz.
Max HTR Shampoo
Max HTR Shampoo
Twin Pack
2 x 4 oz.
Max HTR Shampoo
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