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Max HTR shampoo is one of the most powerful hair toxin elimination solutions offered today. This unique hair detox shampoo infiltrates deep into the hair to get rid of practically all traces of chemical accumulation.

Toxins such as chlorine and medications can set into the hair via internal or external contamination. Swimmers hair can encounter deep chlorine infiltration by external pool water contamination.

In other cases, ingested chemicals, like prescribed drug medications present in the blood, deposit into the hair follicle and grow into the hair strand.

In either situation, contamination can cause harm to the hair in the manner of splitting, discoloration, lack of ability to style and hold color, and in worst case scenarios, hair loss.

Max HTR’s hair detox solution will remove virtually all chemicals, such as chlorine and drug metabolites from the hair strand, bringing them downward to insignificant concentrations.

Why is Max HTR Unlike Any Other Hair Cleansing Shampoos?

Most other hair toxin removal solutions are essentially just concentrated shampoos. They’re stronger than an average shampoo but just not powerful enough to break through deep into the hair where most toxins are located. This results in basically just a surface cleansing, rather than a deep penetrating toxin removal. 

Max HTR Penetrates Deep Into The Hair Strand 

Effective hair detox calls for a solution that penetrates deep into the hair strand, and not just on the surface. Max HTR is a strong, safe, and effective solution that infiltrates deep into the hair, something necessary for successful hair toxin removal. 

How Does Max HTR Work? 

With the majority of other purification shampoos, the active ingredients are weakened when mixed into the emulsifiers and other inactive ingredients that make the end product. Max HTR uses a proprietary process that enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients to 86% strength in its formula. The result of this process keeps the active ingredients from being diluted and keeps them just as powerful as they were before mixed with the inactive ingredients. 

If you need a hair detoxification shampoo that’s actually effective, you should search no further than Max HTR. See our FAQ section to answer some of the most common questions our customers have. You can order by clicking here.

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Max HTR Shampoo
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Max HTR Shampoo
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